Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers
Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers

Elysian Slides™ - Heated Slippers

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Minimalistic, Comfy, and Warm. 

Experience the ultimate in comfort and warmth with Elysian Slides™, the heated slippers that wrap your feet in cozy luxury.

Designed with PowerSurge™ rapid heating technology, these slippers ensure instant warmth, so you can relax in comfort within seconds.


As all slippers should, we fit a bit loose. We recommend you sticking with your shoe size based on our size chart. You could also consider sizing up if your size is at the end of the size range!

Our Size US Women’s US Men’s
XS 5-6 3.5-4.5
S 6.5-7.5 5-6
M 8-9 6.5-7.5
L 9.5-10.5 8-9
XL 11-12 9.5-10.5


Power, Hidden Away.  

The discreet hidden pocket at the roof of the slipper houses the world's thinnest power bank, offering uninterrupted coziness all day long.

Three Levels of Heat to Adjust

We have 3 levels of heat that you can choose for your comfort! One long press to turn the heat on or off, then simply press the power button once to change heat levels.

Heat Level Description °C °F
🔵 Gentle Warmth
🟢 Very Warm
55°C 131°F
🔴 Cozy & Toasty
65°C 149°F

Let Us Heat Up Your Cold Feet.

Elevate your style and warmth with our cutting-edge technology and Japanese-inspired minimalistic fashion.

Feel the Heat Instantly.

Powered by our cutting-edge Power-Surge technology, our heated slippers redefine comfort with instant warmth at your toetips.

With three adjustable heat levels—45°C, 55°C, and 65°C—it's easy to find the perfect comfort for your feet, ensuring you can embrace coziness tailored to your preferences, no matter the weather outside."

Lock In Heat With Heat-Lock™.

Our heated slippers offer the perfect harmony of technology and luxury.

Heat-Lock™ technology keeps warmth locked in, while the indulgent lambswool inner lining cradles your feet in unmatched comfort.

Slip into a world where toasty toes are guaranteed, every step of the way.

Stay Minimal, Hidden Power.

Crafted with a hidden pocket at the roof, seamlessly integrated to preserve the Japanese minimalistic aesthetic, you'll experience unmatched comfort without ever feeling the presence of the world's thinnest power bank.

Walk in style and warmth, where even the technology remains discreet, allowing you to savor cozy moments, unencumbered by bulk or distraction.

Bendable Comfort That Defies Gravity.

Indulge in the feather-light, fluffy, and bendable comfort of our heated slippers, rigorously tested for flexibility and durability. Walk with ease and warmth, as these slippers effortlessly adapt to your every step, ensuring comfort that defies expectations.

From cozy mornings to relaxed evenings, our heated slippers are your constant companion, offering a plush and flexible haven for your feet throughout the day.